So I've searched the internet and this forum and I'm still unclear as of today 12/6/14 if I can get my Verizon iPhone 5 to work to it's full potential on Cricket. I'm planning on switching from Verizon to Cricket this weekend. I know it's unlocked and will accept the Cricket SIM card but I'm still unsure if I can get 4G/LTE. This is a big issue for me since I need the fast 4G/LTE service due to my job.

I have not done anything to my current phone (unlocking, flashing?) since I got it from Verizon 2 years ago. I know nothing about what phone unlocking or flashing actually entails. I am just looking for some advice before I make the jump and end up with only 3G service from Cricket and be disappointed. I was planning on taking advantage of the $60 10GB 4G/LTE plan and if I can only get 3G with this current phone I have you can see my dilemma in paying for something I can't use. Any insight would be most helpful. Thanks!