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    Vehicles, LTE, Amber Alerts.. privacy rights

    I got my first amber alerts yesterday. It was for Addison, Texas which is a good 240 miles and 3.5 hours away from Houston. So having read about overzealous police using the alert system, i wondered if they found the kid playing in someones back yard the next hour, or found them and never bothered to turn off the alert or better yet did all of Oklahoma get the alert since that whole state is closer then i am? Ok, so they want us to look out our car window and see if the car next to us has that plate, fine, there is moral and good reason to do it. But it does no good if im at home watching TV.

    So, some phones allow us to turn off alerts and sitting at home doesnt help the alert system and people are lazy and dont bother looking at plates. Hummmm, so im thinking about things i've read and speculating about how they are going to solve that problem.

    My $9.98 crystal ball with rechargeable duracell batteries predicts in 2015 vehicles will start being LTE bandwidth capable. I can see several uses and reasons.

    1. Vehicles broadcasting to ???? in realtime.
    2. What are they broadcasting? ...GPS, vehicle blackbox data, other vehicles interconnection for safety and marketing.
    3. Who is ????, ...its police, car manufactures, car insurance companies, and local businesses wanting to entice you to drive to their nearby businesses.
    4. Of course, the manufactures will offer a car phone number and phone service for your car on the dash as part of the payment plan. "Ring, Ring ...Hello Mr. Wiseoldman this is intrusive car dealership calling. Just wanted to remind you that its time for an oil change." ...GO AWAY!!!

    You can see where i'm going with this. GPS lets police find a car anytime they want. For warrants, for car chases, for repossession, for amber alerts, etc... Very convenient and little effort. Insurance companies get to see your driving habits and who was likely at fault in an accident. They already give you discounts if you install that little monitor unit under your dash for the same reason(think progressive insurance). Vehicle interconnection for "smart cars" that will stop/slow your car and warn you of danger with other cars. Nice, but i dont need Siri nagging me about my driving habits. Finally, lets include the big driver here Imagine your dash lighting up with advertising related to where your GPS says you are. Thats huge money potential. Did you know city billboards bring in about $20,000 a month. Imagine how much advertisers would pay to put that info on the dash of millions of cars per month. God there better be on off button for that. LOL.

    Then we have the privacy issue, big business and big government fighting about it, the court litigation that will follow and the politics of it all. Kind of like the fights for rights to unlock phones, NSA phone tapping & privacy, etc...

    The Crystal Ball tells me its time to say Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads trying to keep their families safe, healthy and happy!!!
    Last edited by wiseoldman; 06-15-2014 at 11:34 AM.

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