I'm currently using the HTC Desire 510 and Cricket Wireless service. I repeatedly run into this annoying issue when my wifi is on and I happen to be somewhere that wifi is detected, but a login is required. In those circumstances, I cannot browse any sites online unless I either 1) enter valid security credentials for the detected wifi, or 2) go into settings and turn off wifi so that it will then use my cellular service. It seems to me that when wifi is turned on, unless my phone is able to connect automatically, either to a device for which I've already saved credentials or to an unsecured wifi, then it should always automatically revert back to using the cellular service rather than forcing me to manually turn off wifi every time. Is what I'm experiencing normal? I've spoken with two different reps at the Cricket store and one seemed to think I have a wifi issue with my phone and the other said that this is normal. Hopefully I can clear this up by getting feedback from other HTC smartphone users.