Hello Everyone,

I just purchase my Cricket ZTE Score X500 Android phone. I have several questions or concern about it. I previously owned a Blackberry Curve so I want to be able to use or have access to some or all of its features.

Here are my questions and concerns:

1. Is it possible to import my contacts, memos, calendar events, and secret memos from my Blackberry to the ZTE Score X500?

2. How may I add my ringers to the phone's notification ringer file on the phone?

3. Is there a copy of Adobe Flash Player that I might get for this phone?

4. I am having problems with deleting emails thru re-appearing again in my in-box about an hour later. I need help.

5. Lastly, there is a red light that comes "on" every now and then. What is this? And where may I find apps that is dedicated for ZTE Score?

Please help me.