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    Lightbulb New International Calling Plans

    New International Calling Plans
    We are very pleased to announce that effective May 27th, we will begin offering a new, more affordable, international calling service. There are two different aspects to the international service, and they will work as follows:

    Monthly Plans: We are adding FREE international calling minutes to three monthly plans as follows:

    • The Unlimited Talk n Text ($39.95) plan includes 100 minutes
    • The 55 ($55) plan includes 200 minutes
    • The $69.95 plan includes 400 minutes

    The list of countries included will be listed on our website at

    . Calls will be charged the same flat rate regardless of country, so calling any country in the list will simply deduct minutes from the available international minutes in the plan. There is no rollover - the minutes will expire at the same time as the monthly plan they're included in.

    $9 Global Card: The $9 Global Card is an add-on that can be used in conjunction with any monthly or Standardpay-as-you-go plan. More calling destinations are included with the Global card than with the free, included international minutes in the three monthly plans. With the $9 Global card, the balance WILL rollover and remain as long as the account is in an active status.

    Calls are billed at the individual country rates, which will be listed on our website at

    . While every effort will be made to maintain the list with current rates, it is possible that some rates may change without notice. Calls will be charged at the rates effective as of the date and time they are placed.

    The cash balance of the $9 Global card is specifically reserved for international calling. It is treated separately from a pay-as-you-go balance or an additional cash balance on a monthly plan.

    This plan will be sold in electronic PINs only - we will not be producing hard cards.

    There will be an International Calling web page for general information at

    , as well as complete terms of use on our
    Terms and Conditions


    (Please note that the website page links in this POST are still under construction and will not work until the plan launches May 27th 2014).
    This post was not stolen from any one & from anywhere. it was stolen i mean copy & paste from my personal email from page plus cellular them self.

    Last edited by Twilight_Sparkle; 05-26-2014 at 04:06 PM.

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