I had the note 2 for about 6- 9 month already and I love it. I have gone rom some many rom but I like Jellybombed the best. I'm sad to say the developer has left to go work note 3. I just want to talk about roms people have, app they want to recommend, settings, etc. I want recommend lbe antivirus. It really badass app have but it in Chinese so I can understand what says. Here where xposed framework come in play. They use to manual translate every text from Chinese to English. Now with xposed framework install lbe transation to English. Reboot. It good.

The other one I want recommend is pandora patcher. It not in xposed framework download section but I have copy it or get from marketmilita. I hate ads and some time I just want to get a song I haven't already listen to. With the pandora patcher it has unlimited skips and no ads. Badass.

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