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    Verizon AC 30 Hotspot Flashed to Cricket With no Monthly Fees

    The point of this device is to provide Internet for your laptop, desktop, ipod, or whatever. You need the Android plan with Cricket. Please watch the video first. You should be able to use your Android phone and this device at the same time. If not, connect the Android device to this via WiFi.


    A. VZAccess (link below)
    B. USB Cable
    C A Windows PC with either Win7, XP or Vista
    D. PRL (*STICKY* Official Cricket PRL Thread)
    E. CDMA workshop (google) OR CDMA Workshop 2.7 Download) to get the MSL (aka SPC) if you don't know it already. Alternative would be MSL reader from the Market or attached below.
    F. QPST (

    1. Connect the Fivespot AC30 to the computer via the supplied USB cable.
    2. Turn power on.
      Press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds.
      Driver installation may take several moments.
    3. Install VZAccess Manager.

    4. Steps for enabling the device to be read via QPST and CDMA WS
      • Tethered as a USB modem
        To enable USB Modem mode: power the device off, connect via supplied USB cable then power the device on.

      • Wireless via WiFi (just notes for when you do get it flashed)
        To enable WiFi mode: power the device off, disconnect USB cable then power the device on.
        The default SSID / Password are Verizon AC30 XXXX / MEID (in decimal format, located on the bar code label under the battery).

    ---Getting started and setting up QPST---

    Full QPST tutorial with pictures are here:

    1. Open up QPST > "QPST Configuration". Click on the "Add new port" on the bottom right. Uncheck mark the "Show serial and USB ports only". In the box above it, you should see your phone connected and the corresponding COM port. Select it and the "Port" and "Port label" will autofill. Hit "Ok". Check the COM ports in your device manager if you can't figure out what port it's on.

    2. Open up QPST > Service programming. Select your phone in the "Select an active phone" box.
    Click on "Read from phone" and enter your SPC when prompted (which is 000000).

    Steps to write new settings to phone:

    1. You will first write a new prl to your phone. Our link from earlier should containt the most up to date PRL.

    2. Click on the "Roam tab at the top.

    3. Click on the "browse" button under "Preferred roaming" and locate the prl file you wish to write.

    4. Click the "M.IP" tab (may be "M.IPv6") and set "Mobile IP Behavior" as "MOB + Simp".

    Select any profiles listed under "user profiles" and click edit. Do the following for all profiles:
    Make sure that "profile enabled" is checked and enter in the following:
    Tethered NAI:

    5. Change "home address", "primary ha", and "secondary HA" to all zeros.

    6. On both "HA Shared" and "AAA Shared Secret, select the "enter text string" and type in the following password (all lower case): "cricket".

    8. Click "Ok".

    9. Set active user as "0".

    9. Click "PPP Config".

    10. Click the "Um" Button.

    11. Under user ID enter: as well as for tethered NAI. If a text box is black with red lines in it, click it and press ctrl + D. Enter "cricket" in the password box.

    12.Click the "AN" Button and repeat the last step.

    13. Click "write to phone" and let the device reset.

    Once it reboots you will need to get into CDMA Workshop. Note that both QPST and CDMA Workshop can't work at the same time.

    For CDMA Workshop to access your phone, it must be able to support that COM port number. This just means that it can't be too high. You'll see what I mean when you enter CDMA Workshop.

    Select the port that your AC 30 Fivespot is on and then hit connect.

    Go to the security tab and under SPC, enter 000000, hit the SPC button and then SEND it to the phone. This will unlock the phone.

    Go to
    Android -

    . Enter your phone number and generate it for the version of CDMA Workshop you have. Download it to a place where you can find it.

    In CDMA Workshop go to the memory tab and hit write under NV items. Find the file you just download and send that. It's going to give you a warning that you need to send the SPC first, but you just did that. Shut the program down and allow it to reset the phone.

    Now don't go back into QPST and write anything because it'll revert the data settings back to Verizon. If you have to make a modification to a PRL or anything at a later time, you will need to send the NV items again.

    If you are on the 55 dollar Android plan, then your data should work. Reboot the phone if necessary.

    Please check the forum and post there before PMing me. I have over 674 unread PMs due to the fact that they are issues which should have been addressed here.

    If you need to buy something from (Ebay), please use this LINK every time and support the forum!

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    Hello, I have done everything as posted. I got all green light, but device says "limited internet". Please advice with some support.



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