I have been with Cricket since 2009, after spending a fortune on prepaid service thru Us Cellular, Virgin Mobile, & Boost Mobile. The service offered through cricket for unlimited talk, text, & web was less than over half the cost of what I had paid through previous carriers and still had far more included in their service that wasn't even offered through carriers like Virgin & Boost. The only issue was the cheap quality of the phones, exactly like what I dealt with before. My phone's had to be replaced every few months, but wasn't an issue because insurance always covered the costs. I upgraded to the smartphone plan with the Huawei Ascend in 2010 shortly after it was added to their service. There were far more technical issues that came with the new smartphone then what I dealt with using my trusty camera flip phone. The phone was replaced twice within the 1st 6 months for manufacturers defects, but didn't bother me. The only apps I used were facebook & Mr. Number, but my biggest issue was lack of storage space. It wasn't until my phone was stolen New Years Eve 2011 & learned my insurance had not been added after I upgraded, so I had to purchase the ZTE Score because the Huawei Ascend was discontinued. Worst phone i have EVER owned! Cricket had to replace it at least a dozen times within the 1st year I owned it for manufacturers defects. I stopped using Mr. Number after they stopped offering caller-id, so I was only using the Facebook app. I had far less space then the Ascend had and each Facebook update would force me to delete almost everything on my phone to make space on top of dealing with constant malfunctions, crashes, etc. Finally I was able to switch to the Huawei Ascend II after my last replacement ZTE Score was lost in the mail from insurance. I loved it at first, until I learned how very little space I still had even after upgrading to a large SD card. There was very little technical issues until Facebook would update and each time causing more technical issues & malfunction with my phone. I rooted my 2nd Ascend II and was able to delete all the preloaded apps like muve music off the phone storage, which freed up lots of storage on the phone, but still had major technical issues after rooting it. After my 2nd replacement crapped out on me in Feb., I finally forced myself to spend a few hundred dollars extra on the HTC One SV. I absolutely LOVE it! Best phone I have ever owned! I have been able to download over 4 times as many apps, on top of thousands of pix & video, and the MANY different apps & software that I fully enjoy using without A SINGLE issue like before. It was working perfectly until just a few weeks ago. My Facebook App CONSTANTLY crashes, my google search toolbar kicks me off pages back on to the search toolbar, and my phone has started to run much slower the usual exactly like what I dealt with after every facebook update on previous phones. These issues did not start until after I downloaded an app called Photo Editor, but my Facebook also had a new update within a day or 2 of downloading Photo Editor. I have downloaded both avast & lookout virus protectors because I thought maybe the Photo Editor app gave my phone a virus, but both apps found no threats in the scans. In the past I have been able to fix these issues temporarily by uninstalling & reinstalling my Facebook app, but these same issues began just before Facebook had it's 1st update on my new HTC One SV. I really want to know what I could try to fix this issue that doesn't involve rooting & preferrably without a hard factory reset because i have been forced to buy new phones after customer service had me do the factory reset and the phone stopped working completely. I LOVE this phone! I want it back to working like normal again! PLEASE HELP! I am very skilled with computers, so I can handle advanced/experienced troubleshooting. If this could be caused from a virus, I'd like to know how to manually search & remove it myself if possible. Thanks!