So, after root, I accidently deleted my contacts. It started to say “google.process.gapps, has stopped working” So I got ahold of the system folder for a Boost hydro and tried to reinstall he apps I had deleted. Now I was able to reinstall google+, the music player, and google contact services (stock apps I deleted). But not contacts. I also tried to copy paste the boost contacts, into the system folder and change the permissions to rw-r-r (it’s how I reinstalled google+) but would not work with contacts.

Here’s where it gets sticky. Stupid a** me thinks, “It may be something wrong with the phone app” So I begin to copy boost phone app. Then I decide, to try and copy paste Boost contacts 1st just in case, instead. But I somehow copied Boost contact apps AND Boost phone apps and pasted it into my system folder (I changed the permissions to rw-r-r also). Now the phone says “Phone has stopped working” every 1 to 2 seconds. It still works but messages pops up all the time, literally.

At this point I believe the only thing that can save this phone, is a copy of the Systems folder of a stock Cricket Kyocera Hydro or just a working one. Or maybe Titanium or Es file manager backup. If anyone could PLEASE help me out, it would be much appreciated. I know I should have backed up. But I assumed it was an old phone and some1 had posted a recovery file or image at some point in time. I should just stick to hacking Pc’s.