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    [ROM][JB] [4.2.2] Avatar ROM for Samsung Galaxy SIII(d2cri) - Updated [Apr 16, 2013]

    I take no claim for this rom, only the discovery and the fact that they DO build for us but can't post it on XDA. I edited the original post that I quoted from XDA to reflect the Cricket S3 rom, not the Verizon one. Original post for Verizon rom here:

    [ROM][JB] [4.2.2] Avatar ROM for Samsung Galaxy SIII(d2vzw) - Updated [Apr 6, 2013] - xda-developers

    The Avatar Team is proud to present:

    Avatar ROM
    CM based ROM for Samsung Galaxy SIII(d2cri)

    Love the minimal feel of CM? Love the themeing capability of MIUI?
    The Avatar team brings you, both combined in one ROM. Now enjoy beautiful MIUI themes on Cyanogen base.


    • Android JB - 4.2.2
    • CM10.1


    If it's the first time flashing avatarrom or coming from another ROM

    • Install ClockworkMod Recovery.
    • Do a NANDroid backup of your current ROM from backup/restore menu.
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset & Wipe cache partition
    • Flash the downloaded .zip file.
    • Install Gapps package. If you get Google search crash update Google search from play store.

    Our Changes:

    • The platform for avatarrom is CM10.1. The following components are changed on top CM10.
    • Status Bar
      • Toggles page to contain controls for toggles
      • Fixed memory leaks

    • Theme Chooser
      • Has an online theme server - head here and download cool MIUI converted themes.
      • Changed the layout
      • Added previews

    • Bazooka Launcher (
      market link


      • Own launcher which is an enhanced version of Trebuchet (you can download this at the end of this post)
      • Enhanced theming by adding dockbar
      • Preview mode to edit workspaces

    • Messaging App
      • Changed message thread to make them themeable

    • Boot Animation
      • A beautiful boot animation - will be made themeable in upcoming versions

    • Settings
      • Changed statistics to point to Avatar statistics server
      • OTA updater - you can check for updates to Avatar right from your device
      • Changed to support Avatar ROMs
      • Support for Gapps - download latest Gapps package as an OTA update

    • Framework
      • Integrated with ACRA Error Reporter for system wide crashes

    • Lockscreen
      • Changed to make them themeable
      • Support for complex unlock gestures

    Recent Changelog

    04/06/2013 - AvatarROM 2.6b Release

    • Full support for OTA
    • Merged with latest CM 10.1 base (Upto Apr 3rd, 2013 - Includes Paranoid style pie control, new Super user app etc)
    • Changes in the framework to redirect trebuchet and android launcher resources from CM themes to Bazooka launcher
    • Fixed launcher menu settings in app space
    • New ThemeChooser - Bug fixes, Performace improvements and new features like download count, caching etc
    • Performance improvements in theming engine
    • Weebo fixes
    • Disabled driving rule in weebo as it was causing lot of confusions

    03/31/2013 - AvatarROM 2.5b Release

    • Latest CM 10.1 code merges for 2.5b release(upto Mar 28th 2013)
    • Included new theme chooser based on Aptoide(Alpha release)
    • Lockscreen - Enable/Disable vibration when unlocking from settings -> Lockscreen -> Screen Security -> Vibrate
    • Launcher - Option to edit workspace in menu
    • Weebo - Bug fixes and now you can create your own rules (see -
      weebo-rules - Avatar

    • OTA - Full support from client side. Next update will be via OTA.
    • General bug fixes

    03/24/2013 - AvatarROM 2.4b (CM10.1)

    • Latest CM 10.1 code merges for 2.4b release( upto Mar 22nd 2013)
    • Two new themes (MiUi v5 and Pink theme)
    • Weebo and status bar fixes.
    • Weebo adding actions in log.
    • Performance improvements in animations.

    03/15/2013 - AvatarROM 2.3b Release

    • Latest CM 10.1 code merges ( upto Mar 13th 2013)
    • Fix Settings -> About phone -> Status crash
    • Usual bug fixes

    03/09/2013 - AvatarROM 2.2b Release

    • Latest CM 10.1 code merges (upto Mar 7th 2013)
    • Bug fixes from 2.1b Avatar Release
    • Integrated Weebo
    • Changes to make toggles screen more themeable
    • Chages in Error Reporter to point to new document

    03/02/2013 - AvatarROM 2.1b Release

    • Latest CM 10.1 code merges (upto Feb 27th 2013)
    • Bug fixes from 2.0b Avatar Release
    • Small tweaks for battery.

    Download Avatar ROM for Samsung Galaxy SIII(d2cri) :

    Beta Release - Android version 4.2.2 based on CM10.1

    Download Link (updated 4/16/2013)

    Gapps (4.2.2)


    Sample Video - checkout our MIUI style lockscreens, statusbar, messaging, etc and the smooth transition of themes:

    Review by Flow-Wolf

    All Videos


    • Cyanogen Team
    • Trebuchet launcher
    • MiUi Theme creators

    If there are any errors let us know in the comments or file the bug at

    You can find more information at
    Home - Avatar

    I ran this rom all yesterday and played with it a bit. It's solid, smooth, and has tons of free themes. The lock screens are awesome too (much better than the normal slide to the side to unlock)

    Last edited by Stephen Proffitt; 04-27-2013 at 05:13 PM.

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    Did anyone tried this rom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolobolas View Post
    Did anyone tried this rom?
    Try it rolo. But back your current rom up

    Sent from my SCH-R530C using Tapatalk 2

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    Jun 2013

    I'm using the ROM right now and its really smooth , but I did see a crash when downloading an app but other than that I like it a lot

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    hello, I decided to try this avatar rom on my sg3, and I really like it. it ran smooth and has many features from cm10.1. here is the problem that I would like info on. when I run stock jb I get great download and upload speeds (6mb/1.5mb) but when running avatar rom I get 6mb download and 0.20 upload. my question is there anyway to fix my upload speed? other than that the rom runs great. is this something that can be fixed?

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    im going to try this rom and hope for the best seems like it is cool thanks.



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