Tested on CDMA version. Even though its broken on AT&Cricket. (I still use as net and test phone)

This will fix the "No Baseband" errors, no sound, force closes (typically needs a user reset) and other ailments of this phone not having its own suitable Kernel for CM11 (4.4.2+) or if you botched the one that did work. (This is golden in that situation lol)


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(Lean Kernel "repo")

I went a little out of order.. This is the only way I've done it and it's hit every time.
What I've also noticed is you have to start the rom at least ONCE with the kernel already in the system. Then reboot back into recovery to install.

  • clear cache, delvik cache
  • flash lk_s3aosp_kitkat-v.9.19.zip as normal
  • for extra measures clear cache/devlik once more.
  • reboot
  • Done. If failed, reboot, try again. Sometimes it's taken me 1-2 shots.

Hope this helped anybody who still messes with this phone and have had this same problem.

I believe this kernel is also overclockable to 1.8ghz. I haven't been able to get it to stick, but the options are there lol.

This also works on SlimKat Officials on Android 4.4.4. (tested)

(Working on finding a kernel suitable for Liquidsmooth Lollipop. Possibly more to come!)