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    "Waiting for network" Nightly issue??

    Ok i jacked my phone up. I flashed a carbon nightly 9/12 using CWM and went overboard on the wiping data...etc. I went into mount and storage in CWM and formatted data, cache, dalvic and sdcard. I have done this before to clean my internal sd card and everything was fine. Well this time i somehow erased all the network information. I got the rom to boot after "waiting for network" for like 10 min. Went into settings and all the network info is gone. The only info still there is The MIN MEID and IMEI. I tried *228 but that didnt work. I also tried flashing old rom....didnt work. My nandroid was on internal sd card and was deleted when i formatted everything. Any ideas what i can do??

    Update: Found my original nandroid from when i first rooted my phone. Restored that backup but still had no network information. Went into settings and did a factory restore and that somehow fixed the problem. Tried to reflash Carbon nightly 9/12 again and same problem occurred. Went through the restore process again and flashed another rom and everything was ok. So im guessing something was wrong with the nightly.

    Sorry for wasting everyones time
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    u can try to reset the phone. I read it on this forum but can't remember who posted it. must be done from stock touchwiz dialer. first enable hidden menu. dial *#22745927# then back out and dial ##786# and reset. it helped bring 4g back to phone to poster. hope this helps. good luck

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    Same thing... take out sim, boot phone bypass activation, change from nv to sim

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