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    Jul 2013

    Question Wanting to Root SCH-R530C I'm nervous and want to make sure I don't brick my phone.

    I really want to root my phone but I am honestly nervous about bricking it. I know its always a risk if you mess something up that you can brick your phone and I just don't have the money to send it back for out of warranty motherboard replacement if i brick it.

    I also seen that there are two methonds I have found of unbricking if it would happen once of which involves using the memory card to get the phone to boot into recovery I think but that said its only for verizon models. And the other is to send to to someone to get jtag'd

    When I look at the guide in these forums to root my phone it says its only for d2cri models but I do not see that model number anywhere in my phones information.. It is a cricket model I got it from cricket.

    When I go into the devices options into the system information it says the model number is: SCH-R530C ... And is running Android 4.1.2. Hardware version R530C.01

    I do not see d2cri referenced anywhere..?

    I am usually really good with technical things, for instance I have built my own gaming pc's twice but I am also very cautious and broke. So I can't afford to mess anything up and risk bricking my phone.

    I mainly want to root my phone for screen recording capabilities since I have not been able to find any screen recording apps that can be run without rooting. And also I'm sure there are alot of other benefits to rooting.

    Is the Rooting guide that is stickied in these forums ( from Stephen Proffitt ) the correct guide for my model phone?

    And "If" something went wrong and my phone somehow ended up bricked has anyone been able to unbrick theirs via the memory card method? Or another means?

    Also if anyone has any tips or advice you might want to let me know that maybe you would have liked to have known before rooting you're phone please feel free to let me know

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    d2cri is the cricket S3. I rooted the Proffitt way. Never have bricked mine since i always have been able to boot into recovery to reflash or use odin.

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    Jul 2013

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    Well I decided to go for it and root my phone per Stephen's instructions and well It worked! I did have to use the extra method because CWM keep being overwritten but I know have a rooted phone and I'm very happy.

    One Big issue tho.. I can't connect to the Play store... I can connect to the net with my chrome browser and everything fine but the App store will not connect..

    Can anyone please help me to figure this out? I wanted to root my phone to use all the fancy rooted apps but I can't if I cannot download them lol..

    EDIT: Nevermind I fixed it after some google searching.. I reset the google play apps cache and Also the Date and time settings for my phone were not rite so I went into the options and set the date and time to update from the server and now everything seems to be working correctly!

    I'm really happy everything went smooth. Had to try to get CWM to stay installed a few times before finally trying the battery pull method but overall I'm really happy.

    Thanks to Stephen for making such an awesome guide!

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