Ok so im tryin to use my mercury as a modem hooked up to a router for internet so i dont use my data plan and its keeps givin me a dns problem how can i go bout doin this and since ive done just bout everything to my phone as far as experimenting and using all the different roms and mods we have you can try this but i will not be held at fault if your phone messes up so right now im using the jelly bean rom thanks to kid gio and the plauge kernel thanks to playful god but no offense to pg's kernel its awesome but like i said i experiment different things with my phone so i downloaded cm7 for the merc but couldnt get internet to work so i dug into it and took the boot image from that and now im overclocking over 1900 with no problems but if you try this remember make a back up and while im sayin this if any developers come out with new stuff i will happily try it im not afraid to kill this phone since ive brought it back from the dead many times