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    Red face Galaxy S4 + Android 4.3 + Copy files from PC to phone via USB...Solved it. :)

    I upgraded up to the Galaxy S4 yesterday (now comes standard with 4.3, just thought I would mention this after seeing the sticky warning about 4.3 updates/flashing) and was having trouble copying my mp3s to the external microSD card. The USB connection seemed unstable and kept disconnecting on me. I did some research and thanks to the folks over at I pieced together info from them and have since resolved it. Here's what I did...
    1) Enable "Developer Options" On the phone: Settings>More... (upper right)>About device>Tap "Build Number" 7 times (found instructions on
    2) Enable USB debugging from developer options
    3) Unplug and replug phone.
    this didn't work for me next thing I did...
    1) Install Kies3. SAMSUNG KIES
    2) Unplug cable from USB (I'm using a powered external hub) and reinstall USB drivers (In Kies3... Tools>reinstall device drivers)
    3) Reformat microSD while phone unplugged. (Settings > More...>Storage>Format SD card)
    If your phone is still plugged in it will be grayed out.
    4) Plug phone back into USB.
    ...and so far it has been copying 10+ GB mp3 files for the past 45 min without errors. According to the "Copying..." dialog I have about 1 hour to go yet. It is slow, but at least it is working.

    Anywho, I hope this info helps someone.

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    Have not read the android central stuff but i have two thoughts.

    1. I find it interesting that the upgrade causes a "partially corrupt" sdcard. Wonder if that's related to the failed backup/restore problems.
    2. It's quicker for me to pull the sdcard and attach directly to the PC USB and move large files or large volume files and then put the sdcard back in the phone. I use teracopy on the PC. and its like a 100x faster effort.

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    Sounds like when I finish downloading this I need to remove my SD card. From what I've read it's mostly because of Kies 3 being required

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