I have been with Cricket for 9 years this business with ATT and Cricket is a problem. Which I don't think people know about or the reality of what they are about to do has set in yet. Myself I purchased Samsung Galaxy S4 from Cricket for a cost of $550.00 for the phone when they first came out. The phone had a channel go out in the headphones, which happens to this particular model of phone. I took the phone in to and they sent it back to Samsung to be replaced. The phone that I received back from Samsung was a Samsung s4. It had the ability use both phone lines that Crickets uses to provide service. The two different lines are CMD and GSM. GSM being the line which Cricket is changing their service to starting at the end of the year they are dropping 74 towers in the Portland Metro area which will reduce the phones with CMD service to nothing and by March 2015 they will have completely switched to the GSM line virtually rendering the phones with CMD service only obsolete. Hence why I say I donít think the reality has set in yet for a lot of people, because I'm sure a lot of people who have been customers for over a year are using phones that only have CMD capabilities.
Back to my story, the phone I had returned to me was capable of using either line, but that phone was with me for approximately 3 month and the screen went out on me so I brought the phone into the Cricket Corporate store. Where I was told Cricket's policy for the handling of damaged phones had changed and that I had to pay $10.00 dollars and send the phone back to some Cricket facility I had to go without a phone for a week along with paying $10.00. I really had no choices i had to do it or be without a phone. The phone finally arrives, and upon arrival, I notice the phone has some noticeable differences from the previous phone i sent back. I'm aware of these differences because I'm considering rooting the phone so I have more control over the phone and what is on the phone, but my wife talks me out of it she likes the way it is, so I do not root the phone. About the time, I go to pay my first bill with the new phone I start hearing about Crickets intentions to change lines to GSM. It takes me about two month to hear what intentions Cricket has or should I say ATT has with transferring their whole system to the GSM lines and anyone with a CMD line phone is shit out of luck rendering my phone useless or a $500 dollar brick. They Cricket, just offered me $150.00 trade-in for my Samsung phone and told me that I could buy a HTC they have in the store for $150.00 so then I can be on their new network. I say nonsense; now I intend to post this complaint with any complaint board along with getting with the others who feel there should be a Class Action Suit filed against both Cricket and ATT. Please call or e-mail me if you have any suggestions or interest in getting involved with the process.
Bruce Bower, Portland, Oregon (bower.bruce@yahoo.com) (503) 933-3586