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    Question Phone call bugs, wifi switches, upgrade problems.

    So I am having 2 issues with me S4:

    1. I have flashed to CM10.2 stable via Odin. Everything works well except for one thing. The first phone call I make is fine, but after a few minutes the bugs kick in. Whenever I place a phone call there is a problem with sound. I can not hear anything on the other end and same goes for the person whom I called. The call appears to connect i.e the timer starts after the call connects. Sooooo.... a) Is this a known issue and if so is there a solution and/or b) What can I do to further investigate this issue?

    2. I have flashed to the MK4 update (android 4.3) via Kies. Lots of bugs here. Most of the gapps force close. Also when trying to switch the wifi on, it wont. Sliding the switch to on will not work, just stays off.

    So currently Im running MI3 (android 4.2.2) rooted with CWM touch6.0. I have messed around with smartphones for about 2 years now and have no background in it save for googling a whole lot. So what I know Ive learned from experience. Im comfortable with using a command line and ADB. I mainly use odin to flash. I always wipe thoroughly before flashing and keep multiple NAND backups on my pc and ext SD card. As well as titanium backupPro. I would like to know, if anyone has the time and kindness of heart, to offer a few tips on figuring out what the issue is when I flash CM10.2 or MK4. Thanks and long live android!!!

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    Yea I had problems also with that one but I using snapshot m1 cm10.2 I find this one pretty stable I even got MMS working lol its the only working ROM that can send MMS over 3g/4gwell from what I tried..
    So imma stay on cm10.2 for a while till kitkat gets that issue fixed.

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