Does anybody know of any issues with the S4 and 64gb micro sd cards? I bought a 64gb SDHC, and put it in my phone. Less than 24 hours later, I got a sudden 'sd card removed' message with a warning to unmount my card before removing next time. My phone would no longer recognize the card, even after restarting, or removing and replacing. I put the card in an adapter and connected to my PC, which told me that errors were found. So I reformatted and replaced back in my S4 successfully. Now again less than 24 hours later, the same thing happened. So, am I doing something wrong, using the wrong kind of card, should I ask for a replacement from the same source, or just a refund and get another kind? Anybody else had any issues with 64gb cards?

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Ok, so I pulled the card and put it in my friends S3, which read it just fine. I replaced it back in my S4, and now it works again??? WTH. I'm sure it will spontaneously unmount itself again soon.