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    Question Model SCH-R970 GS4 (us cellular) FLashed to Criket Now i want to root it

    I am scared to root the thing Model SCH-R970 GS4 because i dont really know how and if i attempt i dont want it to destroy my CDMA flash from us cellular to criket

    i wanna root cause i want to install ROMS and cool stuff like that
    What system should i approach how safe is it as far as Destroying the flash?

    please help

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    How did you flash to cricket? do you have the link to the directions by chance?

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    yes be scared... no joke...

    using the WRONG Odin File, could cuz bad radio, bad sim reading, or just some cool boot loops and stuck on sam logo. nothing really to worry about ya.... right.

    just google the right firemware info, clockwork recovery and all files you need. its out there just got to google. for sure GSM's are the wost well tmobile lol./

    i could be wrong about all this could just be me doing it all wrong and thts why its happen to me lol. i try to stary away from SAM roots

    ---------- Post added at 11:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:48 PM ----------

    i found this hope it works
    click here

    to start download

    WARNING! i dont has this phone, do i dont know 100% if the files are for real or will F**** up your phone.
    Please... use caution. the Pony takes no responsibility for damages and warranty for your Computer & Phone.

    Link was found here:
    click here

    I found another root alternative to the Snapdragon Exploit that I want to share with you. It is called CF-Auto-Root. It was made by the well known developer Chainfire and here are the steps you will need to take to root your Galaxy S4.

    1. Download the needed files here.

    2. Extract the files and open Odin3-v1.85

    3. Shutdown your phone and put it into download mode by pressing and holding the power button, home button, and volume down button until your phone starts. Then connect your USB cable to your computer.

    4. In Odin, click on the PDA button and open the MD5 file CF-Auto-Root. Then press the start button.

    5. Your phone will now be rooted and then it will reboot.

    ** Make sure device is in Downloader Mode **

    MORE ROOTING LINKS for KIT KAT or other pony to tired to read any more NiTE!

    Click here

    for KIT KAT

    I hope this guide helps everyone from newbs to very tech savvy users!



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