KJust got my Kyocera Kona and have a couple questions

1. Is there any way to make the fonts smaller on the outer screen? I know you can change some fonts but I didn't any reference as to whether or not you could change the font size on the outer window

2.Picture I.D. I have followed 2 different sets of instructions on how to do this and it didn't work. I have a picture of the place where I work. I want to put this picture on my contacts under work so when they call the picture will show up on the outer screen. You can do this yes? When I answer the phone and flip it open there is a cery small picture in the upper left hand corner. This is indeed the picture I assigned to this contact but the picture is so small you can barely see it. Any way of making this bigger so when I answer the phone I can see a larger picture? If not then it would seem the picture i.d. is pretty useless.

ANY feedback would be appreciated