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Why follow AIO Wireless news? Well it appears to be the current intentions of AT&T to roll this company under the Cricket brand if/when the Leap/Cricket Wireless buyout goes through.

Just recently Tmobile won a battle in court to get AT&T to stop the use of Pantone 676C (it's a color!) and similar variants. It is to their belief that some customers are confusing the companies. Plum and magenta, close right?

In other news, by Valentine's Day AIO should have the Moto G, which runs KitKat 4.4 and sports a quad core processor and 4.5" screen, on shelves. For around $180 this should be a reasonably priced device for more customers. ZTE will bring them the Sonata which is a dual core Android device priced ~$80. For Windows users you can use the Lumia 520 which unfortunately has no LTE capabilities.

Other than that AIO is coming down on prices for each of its plans and giving a little extra data in return. Can't beat that right?

Hopefully in the end this all means lower prices, more data, better coverage, and a wider selection of phones for Cricket Wireless customers.