I've had a couple of Kraken cases from Trident before, but honestly I think mid level protection suits 95% of the people in the world. I've done combat equipment jumps with TPU cases. A person's clumsiness might be their worst enemy.

Name an occasion where you might need even more protection. Hmm... If you're going to mount the phone externally on a holster or bicycle handlebars, you might need the added protection. I'll probably be carrying this in my pocket though.

Ask me to name another case that reminds me of the Aegis, and I'd reply Commuter (Otterbox). Basic design and price point are similar.

Let me get to the point. This case is nice. I like it! In my opinion it has more style than the Commuter. The rubber is placed appropriately to provide the best grip and protection.

Something I didn't mention in the video is that the opening for the camera/flash are larger than with most cases. Good point is that it can fit some universal add on lenses like those from

. No distortion from the lens not being able to mount flat and centered on the camera. Bad point is that it would make the camera more susceptible to damage.

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