the ocean deeps
my brain leaks
all night no peeps
member of tha dope freaks

eyes shine like a euclid
brains constant humm
your so blue kid
you can ride the kick drum

all that other shit is secondary
lifes situations getting hairy
euphoria all day i carry
im not just dope, im very

take ya to rewind my mind's eye
through a whirlwind fiends lie
fertilized the rinds of my tyedye rye

that's lysergic D to you fool
have you lookin like a fuckin ghoul
and you'll be your brains tool
prisoner to the roof's rule
on this martyr's strings I pull
to get me the fuck outta this cruel,

rewind of my life, that horror flick
your minds bulb just went click
yeah my words come on thick
thats why they call me slothy slick
and you know im your favorite prick