Any nerds out there that build their own computers? Well usually I do, but back in 07 I lost that entire year while playing in the sandbox. I rewarded myself by just buying a $3,000+ computer (Gateway FX).

Quick specs:

QX6850 Quad Core Extreme Processor (3.0ghz running at 3.6ghz, stock air cooling)
2x 500gb 7.2k RPM WD drives (RAID 0)
2x 1TB 7.2k RPM Drives (RAID 0)
Bluray / CDRW
NVIDIA 8800 GT (factory overclocked, yada yada yada)

The other day the power supply fan quit for a while and the box shut itself down. I thought ah well I'll just go to Fry's and get a new case and some other stuff since it runs hot anyways. The factory tower case is horribly designed. The CPU really doesn't even have a fan of it's own. It uses the front fan and ducting to move air across the heatsink.

Anyways I looked around and got the power supply fan running again and wound up putting the whole thing on hold for a bit. Yesterday I buy a new case and heatsink. Got almost everything removed and realized it was a different style... BTX... What a crappy situation. Case doesn't fit. Heatsink doesn't fit.

I'm going to return everything tomorrow. Sigh. At least I cleaned all the dust out and have the thing running better now. I elevated the system off the ground and that helps. Also used the thermal paste I purchased and reapplied it to the stock heatsink. The other stuff pretty much flaked off.