Is anyone familiar with CVS Extrabucks Rewards?

I was looking at their Black Friday advertisement, and a lot of it seems too good to be true. For example, you can get Advil for 99 cents, with a 99 cent Extrabucks reward. I think I read somewhere (it may have been on their website) that you pay the 99 cents, and there is a 99 cent coupon on the receipt. If that is the case, the item is really "free", which makes it a great deal.

It does say on some of the items "Limit 2" but if I can buy two of everything that is "free" after the rewards, I would make out good. Has anyone done this before? How did it go? I'm wondering if I can buy two of everything and do it all in one transaction or if I'd need to keep doing it separate and get different receipts.

I need to decide where I want to go on Black Friday, since I can't be everywhere at once. I can't wait to see Wal-Mart's advertisement.