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    Got Google calender, phone and Outlook calender all sync'd after a long day of it

    What a nightmare. The idea is good but getting it all done is a trick. Not so much the phone and Google but the Google and Outlook. This Is another long story.
    I was wanting a calender on my computer to sync to my google thinking I can put a event on one and it will show up on the others. The scheduler I have does not allow for that but when I was looking for it I discovered that Outlooks email calender will (supposedly)
    First issue was I had live mail, but I wanted MS office 2010 anyway and it has outlook with it so that seamed OK. However I am a penny puncher so first I just tried t get live to sync thinking that it and Outlook aren't to different. Wrong. Then I went to get Office but along the way I fell on the ice and hurt my leg again.
    So I got Office and installed it. At this point my computer freaked out and said I had an unauthenticated version of Windows 7. I got that last month and installed it with out Internet and forgot to do that. OOPS.
    Well just so y'all know, Outlook is not a real friend to Gmail. you have to kinda calibrate everything. Outlook wants to Sync to Gmail and that takes forever and ever and ever.
    Well I finally go that done and went to Google to see how to sync the calender. Stupid thing is, Outlook does not have that option you have to install a link to them. At this point I went to McD's for ice cream and watch the kids be dumb. Always makes me feel better.
    Well I got home and got everything working together. (Kinda like a dysfunctional family trying to get along so the neighbors don't talk). Only thing is that the Google sync wont go auto. You can set when it runs but when it dose it asks what profile I want to use. I have checked the default square but it doesn't remember. So it won't auto sync. I set the timer to check every 20 days. I figure that pressing a button is not a big deal.
    In the long run I can set a meeting and it shows up on all calenders, The email works and I can get rid of the lame address book my PC had. The final score PC 3 Dewey 7 in OT.
    Last edited by Dewmik; 02-13-2012 at 05:11 AM.

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