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Malware could disrupt internet users on Monday, July 9th

A new report about Malware on Monday could be reason for some concern for Windows users on the internet. Reportedly the online threat, a DNS Changer Malware, could knock as many as 64,000 Americans, out of 277,000 worldwide users, off the world wide web as of July 9th.
A report from
LA Times

notes that this internet disruption is exclusive to Windows users. This latest malware threat is due to a massive online advertising scam that took over as many as 4 million computers worldwide. Basically, the FBI had to shut down malicious servers to combat the scam, and in the process they set up two new servers to help connect the infected users to the internet. However, the FBI will shut down these servers on Monday, July 9th as of 12:01 EDT.

The LA Times reports that the best way to fix this tech issue is by heading to the

website and seeing if your computer has been infected. If that's the case, the fix is to call your internet service provider and have a new DNS assigned. If the DNS-OK website is not responding (due to heavy traffic), computer users can also check out

website for more information on fixing this malware issue.