This might come off as mean, but I think Cricket's Facebook page is always a good source of humor..

Jim Peterson
BEWARE OF SCAM!! I went in a corporate store yesterday in San Antonio to try and find out what I could do about the THREE Huawei phones that I have. They're ALL screwed up in one way or the other, anyway, the agent didn't know that I saw her do it, but when I handed her my phone, she opened it and took the battery out, she put her finger on the red "moisture" tab. She then showed it to me and the red tab had turned white! She says "this phone has moisture damage, see, the moisture indictor tab, it's white". Well like I said earlier, she didn't know I saw her stick her finger on her tounge and then touched the moisture tab, turning it white! They do this so you'll have to buy a new battery. SO beware anytime you take your phone into a Cricket store, keep your eyes on their fingers!!!!!

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    • Alexander David Which cricket store is this I live in san antonio13 hours ago Like

    • Cricket Wireless Hi Jim - We are sorry to hear about your recent experience with your our San Antonio store. We invite you to submit more details through our support tab so we may look into this situation further. Thank you.12 hours ago Like

    • Dell Advantec This is a serious matter. You can file a police report if you want for fraud. Her DNA is on the saliva that she used. It is not nice to act like that to anyone.11 hours ago Like 1 person

    • Jerry Allen Aubrey They con you every chance they get!6 hours ago Like 1 person

    • Cindy Deleon they will screw u if they get an opportunity6 hours ago Like

    • Cricket Spokane Valley by TAP Wireless So one person is Cricket? Hardly. If you think there is something going on in the store go talk to the manager. Claiming Cricket is all bad on Facebook because of one person, in one store, is hardly the right way to handle it.4 hours ago Like

    • Zach Vanzandt What world do you live in Dell?4 hours ago Like

    • Don Simpson I agree with Dell. If she did that, it should be on camera. I would talk to a manager first, and if they didn't take action, I would figure something else out (which may even be calling the police). Jim, make sure you go back to the Cricket store and get their camera feed.

      I also agree with what Cricket Spokane Valley by TAP Wireless (I'm not going to type that out again) said. That was just one person, not Cricket in general.2 hours ago Like

    • Sarah Stevens I highly doubt anyone will be willing to spend the money it takes to do a DNA test for a phone. Maybe camera is a better route. However it is usually the other way around with water damage. The sticker is usually white or red and white and turns red or pink when it has liquid damage. I find it a shame someone that works for Cricket would do this and give the company a bad name. It isn't all of Cricket. I worked for them for 7 years and know no one who would have done this.about an hour ago Like

    • Zach Vanzandt My thoughts exactly.46 minutes ago via mobile Like

    • Chris Rodriguez I think Dell was just joking lol. Geez people. Combined value of 3 Ascends = less than my Evo 3D. I thought these were disposable phones anyways. Just like those cardboard cameras. I joke I joke...4 minutes ago Like

    • Chris Rodriguez I thought they turn red also... lol. "Ever dunk your cellphone in water? After it is dry - how could some one tell that it ever got wet? Well my friend the "i got wet indicator" is a dead give away. This indicator is ucusally a white sticker located in the battery compartment of most cellphones. It turns red after it is gotten wet. "about a minute ago Like