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    Right Behind You!

    [ROM][4.4.2][KOT49H][AOSP][CRI] Octo-Kat

    Disclaimer: OctOS is a WIP. It has been evaluated as being stable, and is suitable for daily use in most cases. While it may be considered stable, there may be unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.

    Rules for inquiring a subject matter concerning this project are:
    1. Read the OP fully.
    2. For bug reports, we need a log to assess the issue. Capture a log while replicating the issue.
    3. Do not ask ETA's on updates; you will be ignored.
    4. Use the "search this thread" feature to make sure your question wasn't already answered by using key words.
    5. Only ask a question about this project. Any questions about another ROM or project will be disregarded.
    6. You don't like our OctOS symbol. Too bad.
    7. You want 100% untouched/unmodified AOSP. This isn't the ROM for you.
    8. Team OctOs/Octo-Kat is open source. You can always build it yourself.

    AOSP Android 4.4.2 KOT49H

    OctOs Settings - These features are included and can be enabled at the user's preference

    • Navigation Bar (On-Screen Buttons)
    • Notification LED control
    • Status Bar control
    • Active Display
    • Application Side-Bar
    • Battery Bar
    • Quick-Tiles
    • Theme Engine
    • Power Menu Options
    • Apps Ops preserved

    Visit our Website at
    Team OctOS | AOSP for the Masses

    -Do Not Mirror our files without talking to us. We can do that ourselves should we desire to.-

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Why isn't there XXXXXXX feature.
    A: Shoot us a Suggestion if you want to see something added. While we are not going to promise to implement, we will always look into it

    Q: But CM and all the others have..
    A: ROM developers, including CM, build something they want to use. The ROM dev that includes something they won't run implies less than 100% effort to ensure it does work. As a team, we have similar goals and objectives. If XYZ ROM has a feature you want, and we don't (or don't want), feel free to use XYZ ROM, or build your own custom version of Octo-Kat

    ADB Logcat tutorial here:
    How to create a logcat log

    Let us know if you run into bugs. Get Syslog from the Android Market, if you don't already have it. No logs and we can only try to recreate the event off of vague descriptions. Please also include what you were doing when it FCed or failed. Logs can be emailed to:

    • App-Sidebar Refresh - App-Sidebar tends to disappear
    • Carrier-Option Menu choice FC
    • Bluetooth when connected to Automotive Headunits
      - This is a known Android Issue and has been reported to Google



    Basic Instructions:

    1. Download ROM .zip file
    2. Download
      KitKat GApps

      - * See Note Below! *
    3. Download latest SuperSU flashable
    4. Reboot to Recovery (Note: Use Three-Finger or adb reboot recovery - ROM Manager or similar software is NOT supported)
      --- TWRP is the ONLY recovery Team OctOs uses - We do not support flashing on CWM ---
    5. Flash ROM, GApps, SuperSU .zip files
    6. Clear Dalvik/Cache
    7. Reboot

    A Note about the Team OctOs GApps
    We in Team OctOs believe in choices. We believe in leaving the fundamental decisions about your phone to you.

    In that spirit, Team OctOs gives you options for your GApps experiences. While any ODEX'ed GApps package should work, we offer you the choice of using some of the same GApps packages that we use ourselves, and leave the choice up to you.

    You can find our Team OctOs GApps packages

    , and break down into the following types:

    • GPe - Google Experience

      • Regular GPe GApps
      • Dalvik-Enhanced GPe GApps
    • AOSP

      • AOSP GApps
      • Dalvik-Enhanced AOSP GApps

    The Dalvik-Enhanced packages are NOT ART compatible. If you plan to run ART, don't use those.

    Special thanks to

    • @broodplank1337 for the great aosp source to start
    • @buckmarble for helping on a lot of random issues. :good:

      We would also like to thank
    • CyanogenMod for their device specific files and drivers
    • ChameleonOS
    • SlimROM
    • Anyone else who has ever submitted Open-Source code

    We will only update the website with Stable Releases, whenever possible. This means that the website may be behind non-milestone releases. If you have an issue with compulsive flashing, or feel the need to live 'life on the edge of brick', we invite you to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter. Any dailies that can be released, we will release there. Please note, we pull these releases after a day or two, so if the latest link posted there is empty, simply wait until the next one.

    - Follow Team OctOs on Facebook

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    Points: 158, Level: 3
    Overall activity: 26.0%

    Reputation 10
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    Jan 2014
    Right Behind You!

    We are currently looking for S4/S3 testers that use Cricket. Send inquiries to and including your Carrier and Variant.

    No testers means no Official support, as none of the core team has Cricket. If you want to enhance your community, this is the way to do so.




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