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Im beggng you can you please skype with me I followed your instructions and didnt get correct result. If he is unable if anyne can skype with me my skype name ubergrinder

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result=0 so Im assuming that means it didnt work

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Ok so my current progress is I enabled hidden menus with a text editor and i can use all codes except *#22745927# all other codes seem to work. I did adb shell and copied what u wrote and the result was -0. I really would appreciate your help bigtime

EDIT: OK so this is how I got it done everyone who tried to help me gave me advice that didnt work so I will leave my path for anyone experiencing this in the future.

1. went back to stock rom
2. rooted the device
3. Used root browser to edit efs/carrier/hiddenmenu.sys using a text editor and changed from OFF to ON
4. go to dialer and enter ##RTN# which is ##786# and it will ask you for msl i used 000000 and then i selected reset device to manufacturer settings.

Shout out to everyone who gave me wrong advice and the damn admins for not replying to my emails not resolving my inability to post new threads. Thanks I found it on my own after 4 days of hell!!!!

I hope someone finds this useful in future
No one gave you wrong information. They told you to use RTN to fix it and you did.

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