To the ones still having problems with this root, there are some things you’ll have to consider before and during the process. This is what I did and it worked:

After completing part I and part II of the process detailed by Raymond Leonard-Chip in comment #1, you have to copy the CWM-SuperSU.zip over to the root of your SD card BEFORE installing the recovery, not after. This is very important.

Then, you’ll have to follow the graphic tutorial detailed by Raymond in comment #16. Do not forget to remove the check mark for auto reboot before hitting start. At the end of the process your phone will keep showing the Downloading screen. Remove the battery from the compartment and unplug the usb cable. Reinsert the battery after a few seconds.

At this point, DON’T TURN ON YOUR PHONE YET. You have to start your phone in recovery mode (you only have one chance, if you make a mistake, you’ll have to start over). Once you get there, Follow the process detailed by Raymond in comment #1 starting from part IV, step 6 up to the end. At the end of the process you’ll have your device rooted.
Well, several member commented about these “not detailed steps”, and I tried everything and it worked!