caution disclaimer thingy follow at your own risk
I made a tutorial a couple days ago, but i guess i edited it too much and the mods didn't like that lol. so, Let's try again:

Thanks to the efforts of of some people over at TeamUSCellular (and my pioneering attitude), we do indeed have two working recoveries and a flashable zip, completely stock (samsung doesn't have one for us)

what you will need:

Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service


CWM (buggy):

  1. power the phone down
  2. in this order, press volume down, home, and power, holding them together as you go
  3. you should be prompted with a warning screen, hit volume up
  4. connect your phone to the computer, allow windows to install drivers.
    • (if this fails, use the s3 cricket drivers from the samsung website)

  5. unzip the archive with odin in it, run odin3.exe
  6. select check mark next to PDA
  7. select PDA
  8. find the file for the recovery you chose, "open"
  9. select the start button at the bottom
  10. odin should give you a green indicator when it is done, phone will reboot to the OS
  11. to boot into recovery, press and hold, in this order, volume up, home, and power
  12. release as soon as you see "booting recovery" in blue text on the top of the screen

presto changeo, you have a recovery!

Built originally for the Samsung Axiom SCH-R830 by seishuku (TeamUSCellular), tested on SCH-R830c by myself.

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