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Thread: Possible??

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    Would it be possible to get the recovery from this thread(

    ) to work on our discover?
    The thread is dead but there should still be links to the recovery.

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    I posted a request, also... I foolishly flashed a wrong recovery to it, and now it's at the Cricket logo screen. If I could locate a stock recovery.img, that'd be ideal, as Odining the thing on there would be a snap. It boots to the Download/Bootloader screen, so it's not completely a brick, and I backed up all essential data before being an idiot on this.

    I've downloaded the source from the OpenSource repo at Samsung, and as it's the 740C, all the Cricket-specific stuff must be there. I don't know what builds from the kernel or the platform dirs, as I'm just now putting the SDK back on, and will have to wait to make the files... My coding chops are about 20 years out of date, but I'm willing to tackle this... Just could use some help.

    To be clear, this is the SCH-R740C, from Cricket. Apparently, I'm soft-bricked, the result of my idiocy is that on rebooting, It goes to a black Samsung screen, with a yellow triangle bearing an exclamation mark, then animates through the Cricket logo boot screen, and hangs.

    Was an early Christmas present that's now a pretty paperweight, and the lovely wife is seriously pissed... /*sigh*/
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