The reason I add no L is because for some reason allot of people call me "DewMilk" In reality Dew is my first name, Mik is short for Mikelson. Hence Dewmik.
I came looking for information on the computer because I have a Zio I got from my sister, it was new but her fat fingers couldn't use it (Yes if you just pictured Lulu Hogg you got the right idea)
Anyhow, When I got the phone I discovered that when I saved a contact that it did not give the "Phone Only" option to save the # just to the phone. I have 2 Gmail's associated with the phone and they are the only options. , I asked at the store and the kid told me to look on line. (I do miss SPCS's customer service). When I looked on Crickets FB page I asked but got confused responses and was told simply to uncheck the sync options. This did not resolve my issue. When I did that I lost some of my contacts and new numbers were still going Google.
My concern is that my phone is used for work and personal. I do use G's calender because it goes to my phone, and is very efficient, and work can add things as needed. However I don't want some kid in the office looking on the computer and getting my personal numbers.
Anyhow from past experiences I have found that the boards are usually very helpful and since looking here I have found the info that I needed.
I do have a few more questions and am having a fun time reading all the information here. I will see y'all soon.
I am wondering if this board is run by the same folks at Sprint Users. The name and feel is quite similar.