Hello all. New Here I am Joe call me fant0m3 though.

I have learned a great deal all on my own through research and trial and error about rooting flashing and writing source and binaries. I am thorough (usually) in my research and will not give u anything that I have not already tried myself.

I may ask questions about things that seem like I should already know lol...Again I have taught myself everything. I know their are more like me out there and after scouring the forums and stuff about these phones it seems their are a lot of assumptions everyone is a experienced code, phone or computer user. Should be some sore of NOOB forum for those who are just getting into it. Something with the likes of SDK operations Command Window operations ADB downloads BusyBox importance and the importance of getting one made for your phone u know the basics that took me about a month of heavy trial and error to figure out. just saying......

Either way love this forum I can get answers ideas and hopefully one day create my own line of roms specifically designed for each phone.

Thanks Again


Updates in the future of my developing websites, both for android and PC and new apps and applets created for a greater experience!!!!!!!!!!!