I happen to work (evening security) where the client encourages the use of internet/laptop/dvd players etc. to prevent lack of pure boredom, still do my job but 90% is sitting in the office. I was for two months using my tethered palm pre/sprint to connect and surf, but that ended explained below:

My purchase started from a Sprint call asking why my data has spiked? Me like a dummy "well ya see I am using my phone at work........"

Sprint employee: That is a no no (here he actually freakin snickered!) but we can set you up to use our 30.00 a month data plan sir.

Me: But I already pay for unlimited data?

Sprint employee: O no sir we are talking apples and oranges here, your using data via a hot spot.

Me: Yea its in the phone with your companies logo stamped all over it?

Sprint employee: I understand that sir but not long ago sprint decided not to allow...............................

At this point I made an excuse to hang up grrrrr been with them five years.

Anyway not to risk losing my sprint service, increasing the contract and a new phone. I started just a few days ago using crickets broadband mobile, 65 a month and I can decide when I no longer need it.

The install of the a A605 modem was painless just plug in accept install.

Connect to internet is quick first speed test was 1.5Mbps will update later from first evening use at work.

I only used 3gb of data tethering my phone in a month so I cant see using up the 7.5gb

I play an online game theHunter and connection works fine.

I love the fact I can pay by the month.