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    May 2011
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    Motorola DX/D2

    Thumbs up My late Hello yall!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I forgot to say hello when I first signed up here--So Hello . Im a noob at flashing androids n all that, though I usually get stuff quick cuzz Im a little O.C.D lol. But I just flashed my Droid 2 after getting an add a line from the Admin here on the forums.I followed the steps-after reading+watching the vidz twice and taking my time to all the steps as written/shown---Had the Gingerbread leak so used the mms settings on the other thread and blammo*--Everything works like a charm...This forum ROCKS!!!....The adminz ROCKS!!! Signing up with My Cricket Forums was the best thing Ive done for my Droid 2 since Ive got it-seriously!!! Support these guys- They freekin deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s.--Support,Support, Support--This forum is the SHIZNITT!!!!!!

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    New Jersey

    I'm glad you like the forum!

    I look forward to your future posts.




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