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    off topic thread

    Since I searched this entire site for an off topic thread and finding none here is another(Hope I don't p nobody off). I would love to know more about some of the members on this forum cuz I been one for eight months and only know a fraction of them. I check this forum all day everyday reading threads and post, replying on some but always reading. I love this forum for the info and talking to people from all walks of life regardless of race, religion or political standings.
    I never introduced myself so here it goes.....
    Im a 38 yr old black man from central California (madera) with the heart of a child. Im a welder by trade who loves to work with my hands. I'm also an ex con (robberies) with a totally new outlook on life. I'm a devoted father of two (3 &6) and a faithful husband.
    I'm pretty new to android (ascend 1 first one) but somehow I managed to customize my phones because of threads like this. Thanks to all devs and forum support for all their hard work to make this phone better. If anyone else wants to chime in please do.
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    Hello there.

    I'm a welder by trade also and father to 3 wonderful kids. I was born and raised in Calif. but have been in Oklahoma for quite some time working on a project for my employer. This thread is definitely in the wrong part of the forum, but since I'm here reading it, I might as well say hello!

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    If you searched all over and didn't find this Off Topic Discussion you should use the scroll bar on the right side of your browser.

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    I moved this thread to the Meet and Greet since it was an introduction
    *Only PM me when asked. Please post to the forum first as you and the many members here will benefit from the conversation!"

    Been fixing, flashing, and activating Cricket phones since 2004.

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    Welcome to the forum

    sent from my google nexus 7 tablet Erica Renee



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