I have been a member of this site for a while now, mostly being an information sponge, never posting till now. I wish to say thank you for this great site and the services you provide. I recently used the ESN change service when I bricked my Optimus C with Clockwork Mod Recovery (or so I thought). I had a Verizon Enlighten (LG-VS700) that I got from a friend. I was going to put it on VZW Pre-Pay till I found out they force you to get a $45 month to month plan AND $30 month for data. I'll keep my RAZR V3m on the Daily Pre-Pay plan that only costs me $15/month, thank you. So when I bricked my OC I decided to activate the Enlighten on cricKet. It was a Sunday night when I ordered the service, so I took the phone to work with me and left it in the office as I was using my backup VZW phone. Around 8am Phoenix time the office tried to call me on my cricKet line and the phone in the office rang. Now the only thing I did was put my MDN, MIN, and SID on there thru the phone's programming menu. It still had a VZW PRL on it! *228 and all is good Talk and Text. Now MMS and 3G is a bit of a challenge due to the Drivers for the phone are on the phone in a file called USBAutorun.iso, which my dumb a** removed from the phone. (I did save the file, thank God). The drivers on LG's website do not work with the phone. Believe me I tried everything, got them to kind of work by editing the .inf files with the correct PID. I still have trouble getting it to switch from it showing as a mounted CDROM drive to the USB composite mode which give you the com port, modem, and ADB port. When It does connect properly all is good, QPST, edit APN and I have 3G, MMS, and all Data working 100%. The tutorials here are really good. I helped a friend get the Sprint EVO 4G going 100% with the tutorial, and I applied the same settings and the QPST tutorial to get my phone to 100% Now here is the crazy part, I got my OC unbricked by pulling the battery, plug the USB cable in and then inserted and removed the battery repeatedly ( I was just messing with it, figured why not it is just a brick, can't hurt it) and what do you know, d*** thing boots up and works fine. Now the crazy part, 3G data still works, browse web, Play store, maps and Navigation all work. Only reason I can figure is the Data only authenticates with the MDN and not the MEID like voice. Anyway, thanks again for the great site and lesson learned, don't remove USBAutorun.iso from your phone. I donated once before when I 1st joined, and I just did again before posting this. If this site has helped anyone else, please donate so we don't loose a valuable resource. I'm sure even the smallest donation is appreciated.