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Thread: Whats up?

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    Talking Whats up?

    Whats good everybody? Im all on the website reading threads and stuff and I like how theres tutorials on how to Flash phones!!! And how people help you. I don't believe I will be posting alot, i will post, but not often because i dont like complaining about problems but i cant help people myself... but i will still ask lol. I will always give thanks to post that helped me. I want yall to know that your help is appreciated. I wont make just this one post and float around to find answers and leave. I will show my respects. And i really want to know how people learn how to flash phones. Ima go to school for computer science possibly so i can learn stuff myself. Glad yall made a website as great as this. Surprised its not huge!!!

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    Welcome to the Forum! if theres anything i can do to help let me know!

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    Welcome to thebl forums if you need help feel free to pm

    Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk

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    Welcome to Cricket Users!



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