The Gorilla Glass campaign worked well with consumers in the beginning, but after a while a lot of people noticed that their screens were still getting scratched. Screens have improved over time, however it is unlikely they will reach a point where keys or some loose change wonít reek havoc on them.

To keep the resale value of my devices as high as possible, I do use screen protectors. Now thereís the question, should I go with ZAGG or a glass screen protector like Spigen has? This depends on the type of activities you partake in. An accidental drop is more likely to crack a glass screen protector than cause damage to the ZAGG. On the other hand, the glass screen protector might take aide in taking the brunt of the damage vs a ZAGG. Overall I enjoy the clarity of the glass screen protectors more. For me, itís like not having a screen protector at all. They do add a little bit of thickness which can lead to issues with certain cases. You make the call. In the video above I show how I installed my InvisibleSHIELD screen protector.

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