A working EVO 3D that is battery dead at this time. Can't recharge em now.

Shut down to recharge. And it wouldn't recharge..Red LED started to flash every 30 seconds. Could only boot up AFTER you removed battery and the pressed power on. Had been working flawlessly for 3 weeks since HTC root, Cricket flash and Syrngy ROM. Just up and acted stupid. Didn't mess with anything...was working as advertised all day... Works great after your remove the battery, just won't recharge and power up normally.

Local dealer who flashed would not look into it because I changed the ROM and that violates there flash warranty.
Local cell repair shop verified unit has no electronic issues other than what looks looks corruption caused by the flash or something software related but would not work on a Cricket flashed phone as they said 99% of the Cricket hacked phones are done by HACKS who are clueless and they could and should easily fix this issue.

So I want to sell the phone with the box, battery charger and USB cable. ALSO included is a 3500mah battery and extended back. A red Body Glove case and swivel leather belt case. Thanks.