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    iPhone Factory Unlock using Cricket Sim?

    umm this is freaky

    i just Activated a Customers AT&T iPhone 4s to Cricket GSM

    but i had to do a Factory Reset to ios 7.1.1 since iphone hack passcode..

    after restore, it took me to Hello, connect to wifi, opps u need a sim

    i placed the sim in and i was still conncted to itunes so i finshed setup in itunes...

    it tells me U HAS AN UPDATE to Download im like ok... after i click download it tells me

    Congratulations, Your iPhone is Unlocked.

    im like WTF?.... how i did not order a unlock code?

    so im guessing if u Factory Restore and place sim inside iphone at the time of setting up wifi it auto unlocked?

    i stuck in a T-Mobile sim and it read it?

    what i did to get it to do it... now it might not work for all. & no this is not a prank it really happened to me!

    1. Factory Restore
    2. when it tells you to put on wifi to actiatite place sim in and connect to wifi do not click on itunes ( but make sure its connected to itunes and itunes tells you Accessing itunes )
    3. it will activate and should tell u, u has an update
    4. done.
    if this no work then i guess no for u?

    please post your thoughts and issues as well as your successful attempts!

    now for all i know the customer all ready order an unlock code for this.... but where i service phones its 99.9% un-likly lol... and when i asked them duid u buy unlock code they said ( NO - What is that ) so im sure the cricket sim did it
    Last edited by Twilight_Sparkle; 06-14-2014 at 07:05 PM.

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    this might be true



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