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    New Cricket GSM Common Questions, Life Line, CDMA 2 GSM Port In, Plans


    for Site Link & Info about listed info

    Common Questions

    When do I need to get a new phone and rate plan?
    While there is nothing you need to do today, you will eventually need a phone compatible with the GSM network and a new Cricket rate plan to enjoy all of the benefits of the new Cricket network. Next year, as early as March 2015 in some markets, Cricket will no longer offer service on the CDMA network.

    Will my current phone still work?

    Your phone, phone number and rate plan all remain unchanged and
    will continue to work on Cricket's CDMA network
    for the time being.
    You will,
    however, eventually need a phone compatible
    with the GSM network
    and a
    new Cricket rate plan
    to enjoy all the benefits of the new Cricket (GSM) network.
    Cricket will no longer offer service on the CDMA network beginning March 2015 in some markets, so there's plenty of time to find a new phone and rate plan that you'll love.

    What does this mean you all CRICKET CDMA & FLASHED PHONE USERS?
    Simple YOU ARE F***ED!
    ( Remember back in 2004/2005 AT&T made all customers buy a new DIGITAL Phone and told them the current phone was ANALOG and wont work after a certain date? they are doing it again. )

    Your CDMA Device will no longer work after March 2015, That includes Flashed phones!
    No we dont know for sure 4sure about it not making calls or what? does ot really say for sure.
    UPDATE its True, Phones will stop working!

    Click here

    SCROLL to END of PAGE read read text

    ill post what it say here
    Cricket is upgrading its CDMA network to 4G GSM and expects to stop offering CDMA wireless service as early as March 2015. THIS CDMA PHONE WILL NO LONGER WORK ON OUR WIRELESS NETWORK AFTER WE COMPLETE THIS UPGRADE."

    When can I take advantage of the new network?
    After May 18, you can switch to new Cricket service at any time and begin experiencing all the new Cricket has to offer. When you move to the new Cricket network (GSM), we will transfer your phone number and any remaining account balances from your current Cricket account to your new Cricket account.

    Will there be an activation fee for moving to the new Cricket?
    No, you will not be charged an activation fee when you transfer to new Cricket service. We can't wait for you to experience the new, nationwide 4G network and all that the new Cricket has to offer.

    Will my current coverage change when I switch to the new Cricket? How about data speeds?
    With the new Cricket, we expect your local coverage area will be similar or better in almost all markets than what you have today. Even better, there's no domestic roaming charges. Also, be sure to check out Cricket's unlimited talk, text and data plans - they include high-speed data access allowance so you can take advantage of the fastest available speeds (including 4G and 4GLTE) when you use a compatible GSM device. Please note that once your high speed data access allowance is used your data speeds will be slowed to a maximum of 128 Kbps for the rest of your billing cycle.

    Can I still make changes to my current rate plan, service and features?
    Yes, you can still make changes to your current Cricket (CDMA network) account plan and services.

    What phones does the new Cricket offer?
    One of the many benefits of the new Cricket is a great line-up of GSM phones you'll love from Samsung, ZTE, Nokia, Apple and more. You can also select from the most popular operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows.

    Who do I contact if I need help?
    Please contact our customer care team by dialing 611. We're more than happy to help you.

    Billing & Payment Plans
    When I transition to a new Cricket rate plan will my balance from my current Cricket transfer?
    Yes. Your current balance will transfer. ( * DOES NOT MAKE SINCE * )

    As an existing Cricket customer, will I continue to receive monthly bills even though I prepay?
    While you remain on your current Cricket service (on the CDMA network) you may keep your paper billing. When you transition to the new Cricket (the 4G GSM network with nationwide coverage), you will no longer receive a paper bill.

    As an existing Cricket customer, do I need to keep paying for my Phone Payment Plan if I switch to a GSM phone?
    Yes, you are still responsible for making payments on your Phone Payment Plan as outlined in your agreement with YBUY or Fortiva. However, if you have paid off your YBUY account or have a Fortiva account, you may be eligible to take advantage of our trade-in program. For more details on your payoff amount or on early payoff options please contact: YBUY: 877-761-2976 or Fortiva: 800-710-2961

    Will there be a new phone payment plan option?
    Yes. There will be new Phone Payment Plans available beginning May 18.

    Plans & Promotions
    Will unlimited local and long-distance calling be a part of the new Cricket rate plans?
    All of the new Cricket plans are designed to be simple and straight-forward and include local and long-distance calling to anywhere in the U.S. - and without any domestic roaming fees.

    Will the new Cricket still offer the 5 for $100 promotion? If I'm on this plan, can I continue it?
    The new Cricket will have a new set of GSM rate plans, multiline discounts, promotions, and phones for customers to choose from. Check out all that we have to offer! Customers currently participating in the 5 for $100 promotion can continue with this rate plan while on the Cricket CDMA network.

    Will the new Cricket still offer military or friends & family discounts? Can I keep them?
    When you transition to the new Cricket you will need to choose a new Cricket (GSM) rate plan so you can take advantage of our nationwide 4G LTE network. We've made it simple and affordable with plans starting at just $25/month with all taxes and fees included. You can also enjoy additional discounts, such as our $5 Auto Pay credit each month or Group Save discounts, both available for plans beginning at $40.

    Beyond that, there's a $50 mail-in-rebate available for the new Cricket's great devices, which means you can get a new GSM phone for as low as FREE!

    Can I apply my Lifeline credit to the New Cricket plans?
    No. However, legacy Cricket customers who qualify for the Lifeline credit will continue to be able to apply the Lifeline Credit to their Legacy Cricket phone plan for as long as they stay active on a legacy Cricket phone plan or until Cricket has upgraded its network to 4G GSM and no longer offers service on the CDMA network (in some markets, as early as March 2015).

    Cricket also offers a $25/month plan that provides unlimited talk and text, nationwide coverage, and no roaming charges. Taxes and fees are also included. Keep in mind this plan is comparably priced to the monthly fee paid by Lifeline customers, and provides additional advantages such as: a nationwide GSM network, no roaming charges, all taxes and fees included, and no paperwork.

    For additional information about Lifeline visit:

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