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    Prices & Fee's All You need 2 Know

    Find a Answer or Questions Faster then Reading this post?
    click here

    everything you need to know IN the Link above or right here ->

    click here

    There is to much to LIST & or POST please use Link above for more questions & Answers!

    Charges & Fees

    Link Found @:
    click here

    Other Link [ but with same info? ] Link Found @:
    click here

    Taxes & Fees

    Seems Broken but here is link any way
    Link Found @:
    click here

    Cricket GSM Plans:
    Link Found @:
    click here

    Cricket Features

    Link Found @:
    click here

    Cricket Common Questions about ACCOUNT & Late Fees & Termations
    Link Found @:
    click here

    All info Posted Below!

    In order of link's above!

    1. Charges & Fees

    To keep things simple, our
    monthly rate plans

    added features

    include applicable state and local taxes, fees and other charges.
    To see all charges and fees on your account, sign in to
    My Account

    or the
    My Cricket app

    and go to the Account Summary tab.

    • No Activation or Upgrade Fees will be charged on migrations from the original Cricket (CDMA).
    • If not listed, then there is no fee in Exclusive Dealer or Company store.

    Additional Fees:

    Type Description Fee
    Activation Applies to both Cricket-purchased devices and devices that you bring to Cricket (BYOD). In Store: $25
    Online: $0
    Upgrade Applies to Cricket-purchased devices. In Store: $25
    Online: $0
    Late Payment Applies to payments received 3 - 29 days past your Cricket Pay Before Date. $5
    Reactivation Applies if payment is between 30 and 59 days past your Cricket Before Pay Date. After 60 days, account will be canceled and can't be reativated. $15
    Non-Compliant Device Return Applies to all eligible device
    returns or exchanges

    In Store: Up to $25
    Online: $25
    Accessory Restocking All accessory sales are final. N/A
    Mobile Number
    Applies when you
    change your mobile number

    In-Store Payment For GSM accounts only. No fee
    Care Assisted Payment Applies when making payment over the phone with a Cricket Support advocate. $5

    Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plans

    Cricket offers three smart and simple prepaid monthly plan choices with features to suit your needs.
    Now, send unlimited text messages (picture and video messages not included) from the U.S. to 35 countries (Smart and Pro plan customers only).
    If you're a current Cricket customer, you can
    switch to a new plan

    at anytime. Once you switch to a new plan (from one we no longer offer), you won't be able to go back to your old one. Save even more when you sign up for
    Auto Pay

    add eligible lines

    to your account.

    Basic Smart Pro
    $40.00 $50.00 $60.00
    at high-speed
    at high-speed
    at high-speed
    Talk, Text & Save Plan

    For just $25/month, enjoy unlimited calling and texting in the U.S. (data and picture/video messages not included).

    Included Features

    Enjoy these way-more-wireless features that come standard on every Cricket monthly plan.

    *Cricket's $25 Talk, Text & Save rate plan does not include data or MMS services.

    **Unlimited international text messaging is not valid for the $25 Talk, Text & Save rate plan or the Basic rate plan.
    ***Cricket Wireless supports Free Messaging Short Codes. These are text messages that come from special, shorter-than-usual phone numbers. They're for things like banking alerts, social media updates and coupons. Usually, you can opt-out of these messaging services by replying with a text message that says, "STOP." The Cricket Network does not support Premium Text Messaging Services (those that charge a fee).
    Setting up Calling Features

    Need help setting up calling features on your phone? Download the Quick Start Guide and User Manual, plus find links to other
    support info for your device


    Add-On Features

    Need more? Customize your experience with add-on features. You can
    add the following features

    on a one-time or monthly-recurring basis. For accounts with multiple lines, you must add features to each line individually.

    Features are available from the day you add them until the end of your current billing cycle. You can choose to add the feature one-time to try it out or just get you through the month. If you want to use the feature each month, you can choose the monthly version. The prices are the same for both and you can cancel a monthly feature at any time.

    You'll receive payment confirmation on the screen and by text messsage.

    Common Questions

    What if I forget to pay?
    We all need reminders. We'll send you a reminder text three days before your Cricket Pay Before Date so you have time to pay.

    What if I forget to pay by my Cricket Pay Before Date?

    • Your account will be

    • Pay within two days to avoid a
      late fee

    • If you make a payment past your pay date, your new Cricket Pay Before Date is the date you paid.
    • If your payment is more than 30 days late, a reactivation fee will apply.
    • If your payment is more than 60 days late, your account will be

    • Account balances are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

    Why did my Cricket Pay Before Date change?
    If you forget to make a payment on or before your pay date, your Cricket Pay Before Date will change to the date that you pay. For example, if your pay date is the 5th and you pay on the 7th, the 7th becomes your new Cricket Pay Before Date.

    How do I turn off Auto Pay?
    You can turn off Auto Pay under the Payments tab at
    My Account

    . In the
    My Cricket app

    , follow the directions on the home screen to turn off Auto Pay.

    How do I change my Auto Pay payment method?
    In order to change your Auto Pay credit or debit card, turn Auto Pay off from the
    My Account

    overview page, then turn it back on and enter your new payment information.

    What are the Terms and Conditions for Auto Pay?
    Read the full
    Auto Pay Terms and Conditions


    Can I get the new Auto Pay Credit with my current Cricket rate plan?
    Customers on the legacy $70 Cricket Pro plan who are enrolled in Auto Pay are eligible. If you're on any other grandfathered Cricket rate plan (activated prior to February 4, 2014), you'll need to change to a new Basic, Smart or Pro plan and enroll in Auto Pay. Cricket's Talk & Text Plan is not eligible for the credit, though you can still use Autopay for your Talk and Text plan.

    I have an account with multiple lines. Can each line be paid separately?
    Anyone can make a payment on the account using
    Quick Pay

    My Account online

    , or the
    My Cricket app

    . All payments will apply to the total account balance for all lines. To view the charges for each line's plan and features, select Bill Details from the My Account overview page. The entire account balance must be paid on the Cricket Pay Before Date in order to avoid service interruption.

    I have an account with multiple lines. Can I use multiple credit cards for Auto Pay?
    No. Only one credit card can be used for Auto Pay. This card will be charged for entire account's monthly service total on each Cricket Pay Before Date.

    How can I view my payment history?

    View Your Payment History

    Can't remember what you've paid?

    1. Sign in to
      My Account.

    2. Go to Payments tab.
    3. Select Transactions.
    4. Select Statement History to access your monthly account activity.

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