I have a very nice clean esn Casio Gz'one Commando. If you dont know anything about this phone google it you will be amazed!! You can throw it across the room, submerge it under water and the screen is made from 1mm gorilla glass so its hard to scratch it. All it will come with is a 8 gig sd card and the phone obviously lol...I prefer to do business local but if you pay shipping i am willing to ship it no problem. It runs Froyo 2.2 but i imagine it could be upgraded and it CAN be fully flashed to cricket i made sure from my Ohio Mafia Friend. I prefer you email at specvvic@gmail.com since im not on here all that much. Asking 175 but open to offers and trades. Looking for a Inc 2 mainly but no Evo's or Iphones. Thanks