This post was designed to help others find phones they can flash to Cricket without breaking the bank.

First of all you should have known that Cricket uses CDMA and AWS networks. MetroPCS is the only other AWS company. You will mainly be looking for Sprint and Verizon phones. GSM phones like ATT and T-mobile will not work.

The main point of this article was to point out where they can be found and what do you really search for...

Things to keep in mind are that ESNs which are bad for other networks are probably good for Cricket (as long as they are not currently on an active Cricket account). If someone on another network lost their phone, filed a claim and got a new phone, and then found their old phone, that old phone can go on Cricket. yes if it was actually stolen, it would be good on Cricket also. People who don't or can't pay their bills for Sprint or Verizon get their ESN blocked, but NOT for Cricket. You can use those too. Phones which are on Cricket accounts and sold, will automatically fall off the account once they get another phone or don't pay their bill for a month or two.

Phones which have already been flashed to Cricket don't automatically make them a good candidate for a new phone number. Basic talk and text is easy for many authorized Cricket dealers to do, but if you get an Android phone for example... Just because someone had it fully flashed to Cricket, it doesn't mean that when you purchase it you can just put it on your account and have everything. You might find yourself using one of our flashing tutorials still. Don't let people make you pay too much more for a phone that has already been flashed to Cricket UNLESS they will reprogram it for you to your number. Verify that everything works. Talk, text, MMS, and Internet.

Craigslist is probably the quickest way to obtain a phone. Look in the cell phone section under sales specifically. Beware of scams. Look at something other than the location which make them seem like a local deal. If you see a poster putting up multiple phones and a link to a website, it's probably a scam. Don't deal with anyone who acts like an importer of devices.

eBay is probably the cheapest way to get a phone. What you want to search for is bad esn, bad droid, or bad android. Words like that will help you find a bad esn phone. These usually go for cheaper!

Good luck! If you have any other tips, please list them in this thread. Good ones will be put on the first post.