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    [Tutorial] Full Flash HTC Evo 4G to Cricket: 2.3.3 Gingerbread Talk, Txt, MMS, Web

    Okay so I've have become so frustrated trying to flash my 2.3.3 Gingerbread using the other tutorial for the froyo OS "with Gingerbread updates" that I have decided to start a new thread DEDICATED to the EVO 4G with the 2.3.3 Gingerbread Android OS with WORKING LINKS to all the files needed to help others with the same phone.

    My plan is to post everything that I've been able to figure out so far and then will need your help in the form of posting comments with the next steps. I will then update this first post so that it will all be in one step. Please help a fellow CricketUser paying member create a tutorial for all us "newbies." Thanks in Advance and sorry for the small pictures, hover over them for a bigger size and sorry for the weird automatic formatting...

    From Chris's 2.2 post:

    The Sprint

    HTC Evo

    4g is one of the best phones to flash to Cricket. I say this because it's a good device in general and for some reason it seems to perform better than a lot of the phones that are flashed (speed wise when it comes to data).

    At this moment there is no 4G with Cricket. They have already made moves to establish a partnership and have an LTE network. It has been rumored that Sprint is even trying to move away from the Clear 4g network (WiMAX). This means that you will have no 4g service when you flash this phone. I believe the radio gets it's authentication by MAC address so it might be possible to put this on a Clear account. One of my customers said he was able to do this with his Epic that I flashed. He was also a Clear reseller.

    You'll notice that yes, this tutorial covers using the $45 or $55 Android plan.

    Let it be known that sometimes Cricket says they have put you on the $55 Android plan, but they put you on the All in 55 Plan (5m5). There are now 55 dollar Mexico plans also. If you want easy Internet access, make sure you are on the Android plan.

    We offer plan change for free to supporting members. Just use the links under site services. Premier Supporters of the forum receive additional benefits such as free ESN changes on your account. No more paying $15 everytime you change phones. To become a Premier/Supporting Member, just click the link at the top of any page.

    We offer plan change for free for supporting members. Just use the contact us link at the very bottom of this page. Supporting members of the forum receive additional benefits such as free ESN changes on your account. No more paying $15 everytime you change phones. To become a "Supporting Member", just click the link towards the top of the tutorial that says "<a href="">Become a Supporting Member</a>" . Choose a membership level of your liking. Use the account services tab to make request changes. Cricket Users depends on the support of it's members to pay for server fees, advertising, etc. The more people we can bring to the forum, the more knowledge we'll have in one place. It's good for us all."

    STEP 1 Windows HBOOT Driver Installation Instructions
    a) Download the
    unrEVOked modified USB driver

    and expand it somewhere you will remember on your computer.

    b) Pull the battery out of your phone, put it back in and then boot it into the HBOOT menu by holding power and volume down.

    • c) select HBOOT USB at that menu by pressing volume down four times, then power. Wait until the screen flashes through an “SD Checking” message before pressing buttons; otherwise, the phone will ignore keypresses.

    d) Connect the phone to your Windows machine with a USB cable and wait for the phone to say HBOOT USB PLUG on screen.

    e) Open Device Manager.

    • Click Start, then right click on Computer, then click Properties, then click Device Manager.

    f) Under Other devices, you should now see the Android 1.0 device, similar to the picture below.


    g) Right click on Android 1.0 and click Update Driver Software. You should then be at the following screen:


    h) Click on Browse my computer for driver software.


    Click on Browse and select the Android USB Driver folder on on your computer, click ok, then click next.

    j) You should get a status bar indicating that the driver is installing. If you get any warnings, just click Ok.

    k) Your driver should install and your screen will look like below.


    l) Click Close and make sure Android Bootloader Interface is listed under Android Phone.


    Thanks to BruceKey for screen shots (whoever you are!)

    STEP 2 Rooting the Phone & Recovery (only necessary if installing a new ROM with the $45 plan???)

    You must use Revolutionary (unrevoked3 will NOT work with the 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS)

    a) Download and install HTC drivers here:
    HTC Drivers

    b) Download the rooting tool/program

    downloads are at the bottom of the page, you will have to select either Linux or Windows. When you click the download link, it will automatically start the download and also open a form for you to be able to generate your beta key. You will need to enter your Computer OS, Device Model, HBOOT Version, and your Evo's serial number. The S/N is found under the battery. It will be a 12-Digit series of letters and numbers. Type the info into the form be sure to save the beta key. You'll need it later. Please note that this beta key has letters and numbers and IS CASE SENSITIVE.

    c) Enable USB debugging (settings>applications>development>turn on USB debugging) and connect the evo to your PC as charge only

    d) Un-zip the S-OFF tool and run the program, making sure to install the custom recovery when prompted.

    e) Download

    t the Superuser zip on the SD card first, before booting into recovery. Or mount your SD card while in recovery to take it too your Evo. OR, download it too your phone before booting into recovery )

    f) Boot into recovery. To enter recovery: power off completely, pull the battery out, put it back in and then hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, the phone will load and from there go to recovery and confirm.

    g) install superuser from recovery

    h) (optional but highly recommended) Make a nandroid backup via recovery and then put it on the PC just to be sure nothing will happen too it.

    STEP 3 Get your phone's MSL/SPC

    a) Install MSL reader, give it Superuser Permissions, and it'll kickback your MSL.

    STEP 4 Put your Phone into Diagnostic Mode

    a) Dial ##3424 on your phone dialer and hit call. THIS DID NOT WORK FOR ME, it just says, "Your account could not be validated, please contact customer services..." , WHAT DO I DO? This is as far as I got...

    STEP 5 Configure using QPST (once you get the diagnostic mode to work...)

    Last edited by Body4Change; 02-14-2012 at 11:08 PM.

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    i cant see past step 5

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    carthage nc

    To get it into Diagnostic Mode, dial ##3424#. I'm new at this also.

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    Fix The Post Man! LoL



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