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    Aug 2011

    3G disappeared - received *228 text

    i live in south tx, last night my 3G disappeared.. this morn i received a text telling me to dial *228 for a "REQUIRED" system update. not sure if i should dial it.

    just called it.. got activation screen.. said number was incorrect.. and then i got a dialog screen that said i wasnt activated and to dial *228 from somewhere with better coverage.

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    Try to write the qpst settings again

    Send from my Galaxy S2 Epic Touch

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    anyone who's having a similar issue, where all of a sudden your 3G icon is gone and all you get is 1x. Try this..

    I can't get 3G, only 1X. HELP! - CyanogenMod Forum

    seems practical, and even though my phone was already set to "automatic", re-setting it to "automatic" seems to have fixed it.
    everything seems back to normal. 3G icon reappeared almost instantly and notifications came in.

    ---------- Post added at 10:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:07 PM ----------

    here's the instructions..

    I had the same problem today, but looks like I was able to get my 3g working. Ran across
    another thread

    where they mentioned going into the DATA settings (##3282#) and changing the EVDO setting from "CDMA" to "Automatic."

    On CM7 I first used MSL Reader from the market to get my MSL/password, performed a backup using ClockworkMod, and then restored back to my default Sense image. (##3282# doesn't work from CM7). I then made the EVDO change from CDMA to Automatic, and then restored my CM7 image using ClockworkMod once again.

    This time I now get my usual 3g indicator, instead of the 1x indicator I was getting originally.

    ---------- Post added at 10:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:08 PM ----------

    pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffft... nevermind.



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