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    lindsay, ca

    Angry HELP!!!!! NEW TO FORUM NO DATA,MMS, Internet !!! JUST TALk/TXT

    i have so many problems not getting any data or internet just talk and text. its a flashed phone already but not receiving any 3g data, and i keep getting error codes and i only can talk and text. its a 2.3.5 android version. this phone was already fully flashed and then when i switched over my number to this phone i lost everything but talk/txt. they told me i need to re-flash it... Is there anything i can do or does it need to be reflashed!!!!!! Please HELP!!
    Last edited by mandah04; 02-17-2013 at 05:56 PM.

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    You need to program the data settings with your phone number as opposed to the previous users, also known as a reflash.

    Dial ##3282# > Use 000000 for the MSL/SPC (hopefully your flasher zero'd it out, or else you have to get that MSL/SPC code)

    In this menu, you will find a field titled username, (not sure of the exact menu location off the top of my head) it should be <previousownersphone#> Change that field to <yourphone#> and 3G should authenticate after rebooting.

    So, in short, change the username to where 5555678309 is your phone #.

    Good Luck,

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    I know the reason for this problem. It is because people sell it on eBay, Craigslist other places as fully flashed. This is frustrating as people don't understand that it needs to be reflashed.

    But it's already flashed, is the most common idiotic reply.

    Micro-vent over.



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